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The Coltiva Module.

We at Coltiva have designed a module integrated with a solar panel, nano detection and biosensors, an ultrasonic high-frequency system, and a system that will release biodegradable nanocapsules into the crops and farmland.

Module function

Our module will be 4.5feet long as most crops grow up to 4 feet tall, and the length of the module will help reach a larger area. There are three elements to the module .

Organic herbicides and fungicides

Biodegradable nanocapsules spray

The module sprinkles the capsules, which stick to both the crops and soil when released. The spray releases the nano herbicides and fungicides, and it covers 1000sqm of the farmland. The biodegradable material will disintegrate into the ground when dispersed, thus releasing the organic herbicide and fungicide.

Pest control

slow-release herbicide and fungicide

The herbicide and fungicides will include one or more active ingredients that are organic and not harmful to the environment and crops. The capsules are a slow-release herbicide and fungicide coated with plastic resin or sulfur-based polymers that slowly break down from water, heat, sunlight, and soil microbes.

Coltiva App


The app is designed to collect data from the module wirelessly. This will help farmers better understand and look at the pests present on their farms and their deterrent.

The app will help display data on the amount of residual pesticide present in the soil, the time and date of the module activate to send out the high-frequency waves, the time and date the module starts to release the biodegradable nanocapsules, to sense the location of pathogens detected in the farmland.

With the data presented, it will be easier for farmers to protect their crops and prevent crop loss. The modules in the fields can be activated manually using the app or programmed to start based on the app's sensors automatically. The Coltiva app is available on iOS and Android tablets and devices.