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Components of Coltiva’s solution

  • Energy Solar Panel

    The solar panel place at the top of the 4.5feet long module will convert solar energy into the electrical currents that will power the pest control system integrated into the unit
  • Module Nanosensors

    The sensors are placed all over the module. Its primary purpose to detect and collect data on pests like rodents and insects entering the farmland and effectively sense various fertilizers, residual pesticides, and pathogens in the soil. The sensors can detect small elements like vibration and chemical changes, making it easier for the module to respond to the threat. All the collected data is wirelessly sent to the Coltiva app .
  • System Ultrasonic high-frequency system

    The system placed throughout the module will help deter rodent infestations in crops. The module will send ultrasonic high-frequency waves that are too high for humans to hear, but animals and insects can detect them. This high frequency will prevent pests from entering the farmland and destroying crops. Using high frequency to keep away pests prevents more pesticides from being used for crop protection. The system releases high-frequency waves and covers 1000sqm of farmland.
  • Spray Biodegradable nanocapsules spray

    The spray is located near the top of the module's sides, and the capsules in the component consist of organic herbicides and fungicides. The module sprinkles the capsules, which stick to both the crops and soil when released. The spray releases the nano herbicides and fungicides, and it covers 1000sqm of the farmland.

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