Global services and solutions

Global services and solutions

Global services and solutions : Coltiva’s goals in interacting with consumers and professionals include:

  1. Applying new and up-to-date knowledge of the world in order to introduce products
  2. Responding to the needs and wants of consumers and providing new services
  3. Strong participation in promoting knowledge and learning
  4. Research to evaluate the performance of inputs offered by the company and recommend the best products with the highest performance to the target market
  5. Accurate analysis of the status of available products and detailed analysis of the effectiveness of current nutrition programs and pest and disease control

At Coltiva you are a colleague or co-worker. You are part of the Coltiva intelligent family. Here are the words of members of the team from across the world.

 At Coltiva Technologies Inc we recognise that our frontline colleagues are the face of our business who are required to provide world class customer service.

Our customers expect the best. Many of the visits we carry out are planned ‘routine’ calls but sometimes our customer’s needs can be an emergency where a rapid response is required. In these situations we will sometimes require our technicians to work on weekends and public holidays.

Our about

pest control and hygiene solutions

Global services and solutions

Coltiva company has started its activities based on knowledge and innovation with the aim of utilizing the knowledge and new technology of agricultural science in improving the quality level of services to agricultural workers

In order to achieve this goal, Coltiva is now proud to start its activity professionally with the aim of serving farmers and establishing a connection between this hardworking group and agricultural specialists and graduates.

Global services and solutions

It has provided a unique combination of science, experience and technology in order to provide services to farmers for the principled use of water and soil resources, the optimal use of pesticides and the development of biological control methods.

Pest control services

We offer a range of innovative, targeted treatments and proofing solutions to ensure your business stays pest-free.

Digital pest control

A range of digitally enhanced connected pest management solutions providing commercial customers unrivalled data, insights and reporting to proactively prevent and manage pests.