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We have developed a clean green solution that provides an innovative and technological solution to pest control management .

Provide A wide range of digitally connected pest management solutions
offering the broadest, most advanced range of pest control solutions and services in the industry

We provide intelligent pesticide control management can identify pests and their locations. With the help of IoT technology and location tracking facilities, it identifies the exact location of pests and then kills them with the help of intelligent toxins..

Coltiva industry-leading services and advanced digital pest control solutions can be provided and managed at all customer sites worldwide.

Coltiva technologies Inc serves more locations than any other pest control company.


We are a knowledge-based company based on innovative expertise in pest control.

Coltiva technologies Inc functions by placing the modules to cover the affected area.


coltiva is a start-up company serving national and multinational businesses around the world.


We support organizations in food processing, logistics, facility management and many other farms and commercial sectors around the world.

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Various usability of our modules in different industries

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